Synthetic Turf Installation
Whether you have too much shade or just a small area that needs a little greening up, we can accommodate you.  We now install Perfect Turf synthetic turf surfaces. 

Synthetic turf is an excellent substitute in areas where sod typically will not survive.  Installing synthetic pet grass will keep your pet from having muddy paws, end dead spots, and is easier to keep clean.  Perfect Turf PetGrass is made with 'LIFE' antimicrobial protection to help eliminate odors and keep it clean.  

Maintenance costs are greatly reduced by elimintating the costs of lawn maintenance and pest control.  No more grass clippings in the pool. Unlike regular sod, synthetic turf is not affected by chlorine.  

Perfect Turf Multi-Use synthetic turf can be used for balconies or decks to putting greens or batting cages.  It is made out of Polyethylene instead of nylon so it is less expensive  and more attractive than nylon putting green turf.  

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Commercial applications include, Athletic fields, park and playgrounds, dog parks, medians, and parkways. Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating mowing, irrigation, & chemical pest control and fertilization.  
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